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January 9, 2011 by admin

So ladies and gentlemen and Fringe lovers worldwide….due to popular demand I will be sculpting Peter Bishop for the final FRINGE BONANZA week here at weekly mini me! 2 people have already won in the last few weeks and I intend to make one other Fringe lover really happy this week by giving away the Peter Bishop sculpture.
So here’s how you enter the competition -

In the comments box below I would like you to answer 4 questions

1) Which is your favourite fringe episode (and why)

2) name 3 other shows you enjoy watching? or have enjoyed (past shows that have ended eg. Lost, BSG etc)

3) Which characters from these shows would you like to see featured on weekly mini me

4) Do you collect statues/ collectables etc?

Finish it with your name and where you live in the world!
Thats it! dead easy.  Winners are chosen at random. Competition remains open for 7 days and will end on Sunday 16th January at 7 pm GMT (UK time) when the winner will be announced on twitter, facebook and this website. If you have won in the past you stand a chance of winning again..who knows.


  1. Darkknight says:

    1) Which is your favourite fringe episode (and why)
    Over There (parts 1 and 2). I really liked seeing the other universe and this was a really cool way to do it. Second might be White Tulip, because of the way they combined time travel and emotional issues.

    2) name 3 other shows you enjoy watching? or have enjoyed (past shows that have ended eg. Lost, BSG etc)
    Lost, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad

    3) Which characters from these shows would you like to see featured on weekly mini me
    Walter White from Breaking Bad, Locke, Hurley, Charlie, Jack, Sawyer, or Sun and Jin from Lost, GOB, Tobias, or Michael from Arrested Development.

    4) Do you collect statues/ collectables etc?
    Not statues, but collectables.

    Alex from Silver Spring, MD.

  2. Nikoleta Here says:

    Answer 1:
    I loooove Fringe sooo much,so this is a difficult question!Let’s say simply Entrada,because my Oliviaaa comes back in our universe and makes the difference again and again and again!

    Answer 2:
    Ooook,without a doubt Lost is the first one!The second one is Life with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi.And last but not least,among hundreds of others(!!!),the new version of Nikita!I definetely like the whole plot!

    Answer 3:
    I will tell 3 protagonists of the shows above,the first one I would like to be sculpted is Sarah Shahi, the second one is Matthew Fox and the third one is Evangeline Lilly.

    Answer 4:
    In the past I didn’t use to,but the last years I started buying statues and collectables of stars and main characters of films,tv series or even pc games!However,these statues were never sculpted!I must admit that Walter Bishop will be the first one of this kind!And I have to thank “Weekly Mini Me” for that!

    Nikoleta,Thessaloniki – Greece!

    • admin says:

      ah! the first winner of weekly mini me..back for more? haha

      You should check out my other website for everything Lost that i make sculptures of. I will be doing some lost sculptures for weekly mini me too.

      • Nikoleta says:

        Hahaha!Always asking for more!We used to say in Greece “One thing equals nothing”!Great work on John Locke too!Loooost!!!I really miss it damn it!Some things should never eeeend!Two of them is Lost and Fringe!!!Neeeeever!Hahahaha!

  3. Clem says:

    Alright, just for the fun of it:

    1) Brown Betty, because it was different and I liked the idea of daring to transform Fringe into a musical. Because Ella is totally right when saying there should always been a happy ending. Because I grabbed popcorn, watched the episode from my bed and felt like I had gone to another world.

    2) Alias, my first real obsession. Followed really closely by Lost. And then, when I was a kid, there was Sliders, parallels universes (something like that, I don’t know the english title).

    3) All of them from Lost! :P Sawyer, would be a good start (I know you already did Locke). Along with the polar bear, of course. ;) But I don’t know, maybe you could go for the anti-heroes? (Hurley!)

    4) Sadly I don’t have the money nor the place to collect much things, so most of them are in my hard drive. I have dvd box sets, if that count, as well as a few autographed pics, but I doubt their authenticity. I should soon have a fantastic Olivia Dunham statue to show off 0:)

    Alright, now it’s only fair that you answer question #1!

    Clem B.

    • admin says:

      actually brown betty is the only fringe episode i havent watched..i found it quite annoying :P

      my favourite was the season 2 finale episodes – Over there..good tension and drama and awesome cliffhanger.

      OH AND YOU LIKE SLIDERS!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!! I USED TO LOVE THAT WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!! i have the boxset of it ..its amazing.. i might do a sculpture of quinn with the timer ;)

      and as for lost sculptures…they will be done soon..

      • Clem says:

        :o You know Sliders?! You’re probably the first person I met who’s heard about it! Wasn’t it brilliant? (at least the first 2 or 3 seasons, I didn’t like Quinn’s brother much).

        I can’t believe you haven’t watched Brown Betty! (but then, how can you say it’s annoying? :P ). I loved Jacksonville a lot, and Transformation, even though I can’t explain why (the porcupine man would make a great statue, maybe? lol)

        • admin says:

          Yea i loved it. seasons 1 and 2 were the best..then they went mad and killed off arturo and wade..and added in silly stories and sillier characters.

          I love how the intro to each season was different. I like season 2 intro the best

          • Clem says:

            Absolutely, season 2 intro was definitely the best. I loved the music :)
            I think I started to not like it much after they Killed Arturo, and when that brunette came in (the evil military’s wife, you know?). It wasn’t the same after that.

          • admin says:

            yea i know maggie beckett..

            i think they should remake the show! it would be so awesome

          • Clem says:

            If they keep Jerry O’Connell as Quinn, I’ll definitely watch 0:)

          • admin says:

            i think hes too old for that now :P do you watch Doctor who?

          • Clem says:

            Aw, come on, you can never be too old to slide!
            Nope, I’m really into Fringe, and I think I’d watch the Office if I had more time. You say I should try Doctor Who? Soon I’ll have more free time, so any advice is welcomed ;)
            Right now I’m going to college, work part-time and have a 1 year internship, too. So yeah >.<

          • admin says:

            yea watch doctor who..its a british tv show..well the originals started in the 1960s but then was cancelled and returned to tv in 2005…you will like the 2005 series onwards..theres about 5 seasons so far..with about 12-13 episodes each.

          • Clem says:

            I just checked on wikipedia, I think I might like it! :)

  4. Erin says:

    1. I think my favorite episode is “Brown Betty”. It was so much fun to see everyone in ’20s style musical mystery garb. It was also cute to see Ella and Walter connecting. Absolutely adorable.

    2. Lost (my favorite show ever), Glee (which has helped me to cope with the end of Lost) and How I Met Your Mother (such a good comedy).

    3. Literally anyone from Lost. Perhaps a better sculpture of Jin, who’s action figure of him running from the Others doesn’t really speak to his full character. A sculpture of Sue Sylvester from Glee in all her track suit glory would be the most amazing thing ever. Also, a sculpture of Barney suited up would be equally as amazing.

    4. I used to have a bunch of little figures but since I moved, most of them are in boxes. I do have a few figurines that are important to me still in my apartment.

    Erin – Knoxville, TN

  5. Aimee Long says:

    1) Which is your favourite fringe episode (and why)

    “White Tulip” is really the epitome of Fringe. We can love someone so much, but is bringing them back the answer? Is it a selfish act, because changing a moment creates other possibilities?

    When Walter revealed that he was living with the burden of his act/lie to Peter, and that he lived as though God were punishing him, I truly felt for him. We all know someone who had died. Bringing them back is tricky business. Even Walter tried to tell Peter in his own way, but lost his resolve and burned the letter. What if he had told him then and there?

    He received his sign of forgiveness, so why didn’t he tell Peter. Even with the blessing of God, we humans are weak when it comes to even the smallest possibility of losing what/who we love.

    Peck even caused different possibilities. Instead of living with the burden of Arlette’s death, he chose to die with her.

    2) name 3 other shows you enjoy watching? or have enjoyed (past shows that have ended eg. Lost, BSG etc)

    The X-files


    The Big Bang Theory

    3) Which characters from these shows would you like to see featured on weekly mini me

    Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Malcolm Reynolds; Sheldon Cooper

    4) Do you collect statues/ collectibles etc?

    I collect 12″ historical figures, American Civil War artifacts. Fringe related items, X-files stuff, books and autographs

  6. Aimee Long says:

    It would help to say I’m Aimee Long and I live in Ironton, Ohio in the USA. ;)

  7. Mel says:

    1)I think it will be Marionette because Olivia is coming back and so happy. and I love seeing her happy, and in the same time there is that creepy case but beautiful at the same time and link to what Olivia and Peter are living. and the scene between Olivia and Peter broke my heart (in a good way). I really enjoy having an emotional rollercoaster.
    2) Castle, The Big Bang Theory and Alias.

    3) Sheldon Cooper will be fun ! In big bang theory and their love for Comic books is so fun, with their costumes.

    4) I do, i don’t have enough money to do it in big but i have a couple of figurine from Lord of the Rings

    Mélanie – France

  8. Tascha says:

    1) Hmmm very difficult, but I think it’s Entrada, because the episode was perfect. Olivia is finally home, Peter finally knows that Bolivia wasn’t Olivia, Bolivia is back where she belongs and so on.Essentially we get (almost) everything what we’re hoping for the first half of the third season Fringe.
    2) Supernatural, Prison Break and The Vampire Diaries (in that order)
    3) Castiel, Dean, Sam, Anna, Ruby(1)(Supernatural); Michael, Sara (Prison Break);Elena/Katherine, Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)
    4) Not really. I have two very small statues of Aragorn & Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings), but that’s all

    Tascha from Germany :)

  9. Lynn Doe says:

    1) Which is your favourite fringe episode: What Lies Below from Series 2. Loved the whole being trapped aspect and the “whos next” story line when the virus starts spreading through the building. Then the worry when you think one of your favourite characters might pop off!!

    2) name 3 other shows you enjoy watching? or have enjoyed (past shows that have ended eg. Lost, BSG etc) Ghost Whisperer, Lost, Dexter.

    3) Which characters from these shows would you like to see featured on weekly mini me. Dexter / Sawyer / Jack

    4) Do you collect statues/ collectables etc?
    Dont collect anything, but used to collect Ladybird books.

  10. Lynn Doe says:

    forgot to add Lynn Doe from UK

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