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1) What is Weekly Mini Me ?

Weekly mini me is my blog. It documents my aim get really good at portrait sculpture. Each week I will attempt to sculpt a head  of TV/ Film actors, musicians, celebrities or even a random friend.

2) Who are you?

My name is Manuel da Costa. I’m an amateur sculptor. I love sculpting and have long been a fan of 1/6 scale figures and statues of Superheroes, Lord of the rings etc made by companies like Sideshow and Hot toys. My favourite sculptors are Tim Bruckner, Tony Cipriano, Troy McDevitt, and Adam Beane to name a few. I would like to get as good as them one day and I guess all I can do is practice as much as I can.

3) What do you use to sculpt the heads?

I use polymer clays like super sculpey or oil clays like Chavant NSP and toy waxes. Since Week 10 I have been using mainly wax and Castilene to do my sculptures.

4) Can I make requests for a weekly mini me? I would like you to sculpt  _________ from my favourite film/tv show _______.

Sure can do. just leave a comment under this FAQ and I will dedicate 1 week to sculpting your favourite character/actor.

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