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Like a particular weekly mini me sculpture? Want to own one?

So here’s how this will work -

1 ) I complete the weekly mini me sculpture for the week.

2) IF (and this is a big IF) I think the sculpture is good enough, then I will put it out to the vote.

3) You vote if you want to own this sculpture.

4) If the sculpture gets 10 votes, It will be produced and put up for sale for you to buy and own ( for whoever has voted for it)

On weekly mini me I usually sculpt just the head but if the sculpture is voted for, we can discuss details about making it as a bust with a base .

If the sculpture doesn’t get the required votes then it doesn’t get produced. Simple as eh?


Do I have to pay anything upfront?

No. You vote for the sculpture and leave your name and email address. If there are 10 people or more interested then you will be notified and we can arrange a deposit with the final payment taken when the sculpture is completed and ready to ship.

What to do if I really want a particular sculpture to be produced?

Well you can vote for it for starters. Then you can drum up more interest by tweeting about it, inviting friends to vote for it as well.

Can I vote on previous weekly mini me’s?

Yes you can. Just let me know which one and I will put it to the vote.


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